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Chat conversation

friend: you …person who does not allow edit of comments !
curbing freedom of speech and expression !
11:45 PM
ageekstory: I’m teaching you to commit to your freedom of speech
friend: what?
ageekstory: it builds character
friend: i dont think so
friend: i think i have the freedom to change my mind as well
freedom of thought and expression
and if i change [...]

Upgrading php version

Upgraded my hosting php version from 4.x to 5.x (found this useful for godaddy hosting)
While changes in background happening, something might not show up right. It should fix itself with in 24hrs. max. You’ve been warned.
Please is the bear.

Apologies for lack of new posts

I blame laziness. And the pain that is scanning and post processing.
Regular updates should continue.
Edit: Also, I’ll be backfilling. If you’re on RSS reader, you’ll still get updates as usual, but if you’re visiting the site, feel free to look below for new posts. And subscribe to the RSS !

On Vacation

on vacation for a week in Andamans. No updates during the last week of Feb ‘09. Peace !


Backfilling. My new year resolution is one sketch/day, so I will go back and post for days I didn’t.
If you’re new here, feel free to go through my archives for newer material. And subscribe. If you’re subscribed to my RSS feed, you shouldn’t notice anything weird except your feed reader finding posts which to you [...]

Still sketching

But no time to scan-crop-pre_process-color-post_process-upload-post. Won’t promise anything, but keep looking for more updates.
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Updates coming soon

I’ve been meaning to do more of these, but sadly for lack of time I haven’t been able to update this place more often. But now I will, at least for the next few months
Cheers !


Experimenting with background colors. Not sure I’ll stick with them for long.
I also want to sketch more. These are getting more and more of one liners.
Like Zen masters say, ‘we shall see’.

More sketches coming

42 is the answer. starting today.

Update- Delay in posting

Last two weeks were crazy. Couldn’t post anything new, my apologies to everyone.
I’ll cover up for the last 2 weeks, by posting 4-5 sketches starting today. Maybe even more.
I need to work on a buffer. Don’t worry, I’m not out of ideas. Yet.