Chat conversation

friend: you …person who does not allow edit of comments !
curbing freedom of speech and expression !

11:45 PM
ageekstory: I’m teaching you to commit to your freedom of speech
friend: what?
ageekstory: it builds character
friend: i dont think so
friend: i think i have the freedom to change my mind as well
freedom of thought and expression
and if i change my mind about what to say there, i should be allowed to edit it

11:46 PM
ageekstory: leave an other comment below it… saying you don’t mean your previous comment
friend: nonsense
ageekstory: you can’t rewrite… you can change your mind though
friend: there is a ctrl+Z on the computer for a reason !
ageekstory: read my privacy policy
friend: don’t make your blog like life !
privacy policy ?!
u have a privacy policy for your blog?

11:47 PM
ageekstory: page 4, para 3 says ‘the author of the site has sole ownership of content, and comments’. ‘He’s also awesome!’.

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